Mount Royal Sings!
A Choir for Every Voice

The Mount Royal Choral Association of Calgary (MRCA) seeks to build the future through the power of music.

The Mount Royal Choral Association of Calgary supports a family of five choirs with choral artists ranging from kindergarten through to university. Each choral ensemble plays a key role in developing and advancing the choral arts experience for the singers and the audiences who attend performances.

MRCA seeks to educate and develop the musicianship of our singers while also exposing them to the creative and imaginative possibilities that performing arts can provide. Each ensemble undertakes suitably challenging and quality repertoire, meaningful collaborations, and impactful performances.

Who Are We?


MRCA is the parent support organization of the Mount Royal Choirs: Ariel, Arietta, Aria, Arioso & Artio, and fulfills the vital role of funding the enrichment component of the Mount Royal Conservatory’s choral program. The Conservatory provides the core component through choir tuition which includes weekly rehearsals and one concert per year. It is MRCA that provides for additional performances, workshops, camps, uniforms, music binders and bags, transportation when required, scholarships, bursaries, and significant contribution to expenses of touring. Parent support of MRCA and its activities is essential to the success of the program and directly benefits each and every chorister. Parents support MRCA through volunteering and fundraising.

Our Mission

MRCA is a multifaceted family of choirs whose individual and collective goals illuminate our cultural legacy and expand our cultural awareness, while reshaping and redefining the future of choral arts. MRCA is committed to creating an exceptional choral program through:

  • innovation through the development, creation, and presentation of choral music
  • diverse and unique collaborations that expand creativity, ignite the imagination, and inspire our singers and our community
  • dedicated research, interpretation, and performance of choral works of all genres and all cultures.

MRCA seeks to liberate the human spirit, allowing the passion, power and playfulness of music to reflect the past, embrace the present, and dream the future.

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